Melissa & Starling’s Performing Arts and tutoring, We are a business that is operated by experienced teachers. Our vision is to integrate performing arts with academics.

There will be dance, acting , communications, art, and tutoring.

The tutoring will consist of improving academics and teaching English as a second language to all age groups.There will also be Teen to Adult classes, such as Yoga, Pilates, Tap, Ballet, Hip Hop,Contemporary , and Country Line dancing classes.

Our Summer Camp will have dance, theater, art, communications. Monday through Friday from 7:30am- 5:30pm

The children will experience all four arts to get a variety of the Arts. It will have improvisation games, dance technique, painting , arts and crafts, dance of all styles, play writing, commercials, making short movies, acting different scenes, learning lines, and blocking, dance for actors.

All of these skills will be displayed on Friday for the recital. We will incorporate all the different
arts into a performance, short play, dance performances, display of art work, and video of communication.

On Saturdays will be a day students can get academic tutoring and learning English as a second language. Adults classes may be offered after camp hours such as Pilates and Yoga.